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Inbound marketing is the term that is used to describe multiple forms of web marketing including, SEO, social media, blogging, content marketing, online PR. Headquartered in Charlotte, inbound marketing is our specialty when it comes to our local Charlotte internet marketing services. When all these are rolled into one marketing campaign, we call it inbound marketing. The benefit of inbound marketing, as opposed to more traditional outbound approaches, is that people are being targeted when they are actively looking for the product or service a company offers.

What does a typical internet marketing campaign look like?

For example, when a person does a search for “inbound internet marketing company” and they land on this page, they are looking for exactly what this page offers. Other traditional forms of marketing such as TV commercials, radio ads, billboards, etc… are outbound and try to capture the prospective customer when they are not even looking for what the company offers.

Charlotte Businesses benefit from our digital marketing capabilities

If you’re a local business owner or marketing director, you understand the need to continuously drive new inbound leads for your business. Our campaigns start with research where we explore relevant keyword phrases and variations that people search for every month. We then work with clients to choose the primary keyword targets for the campaign. Once we know the keyword targets and campaign conversion goals in terms of lead generation, phone calls, online sales, sign-ups, etc…, we begin implementing SEO best practices.

SEO best practices for inbound marketing

  • Proper on-site optimization
    • Title tags
    • Headings
    • Website copy
    • Images
    • Internal link
    • find out more…
  • Off-site optimization / promotion
    • Link building
    • Business listings
    • Link bait content
    • Social media engagement and promotion
  • Conversion optimization
    • Website layout
    • Page level call to action
    • Conversion tracking / analysis
  • Lead nurturing
    • Email marketing
    • Social media audience building
    • Remarketing / retargeting

Want to kick your digital marketing in to overdrive? Get in touch with us today to learn what we can do specifically for your business. Our internet marketing experts can identify easy-win opportunities for clients with initial on-site SEO audits, gap analysis, and more.

Because of the inbound nature of the campaign, the conversion rate of prospects that result in becoming a customer is much higher. Think about it, people are being targeted when they are actually looking for what the company offers. There’s no such thing as a more qualified lead!

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